Bespoke Timber Windows including sash windows, double glazing, stormproof windows, sliding sash, mock sash, bay windows and more all custom made by our highly skilled tradesmen using the finest timbers.


Bespoke timber windows and window framing by Leicester City Joinery

You can find out more about our range of windows below and view our gallery to see some of our work. Take a look at our range of timbers or call us now for a free no obligation quote 07793 203 446

  • Traditional Sash Windows

    Traditional sash windows provide a cottage look, made to measure to meet your requirements, complete with high quality draft seal and double glazing if required, stained or spray finished.

  • Stormproof Sash Windows

    Does exactly what it says - extra protection from high winds and rain. This is designed with sashes that sit proud and clokes the window frame fully draft sealed and double glazed.

  • Sliding Sash Windows

    Our sliding sash windows can be made to replicate existing windows with traditional sash cord and weights or spiral balancers. The only difference is an easy slide action is achieved with our product using brushes that seal the draft around sash windows making them completely unique.

    Double-glazing, spray finish are optional extras. All mouldings are replaced as part of this service

  • Mock Sliding Sash Windows

    Made to keep the appearance of the sliding sash but open out as a normal window would. These windows are becoming more and more popular and our product is one of the best, a complete product with high quality draft seal that is replaceable if ever needed in years to come, reducing the cost of expensive re-fitting in future.

    Double-glazing, spray finish are optional extras. All mouldings are replaced as part of this service

  • Bay Windows

    We've seen a lot of replacement bays where the flat roof starts to sag. This is due to poor seaming and fitting which is the most important part of getting your perfect bay window.

    With our expert fitting service you can be rest assured that your windows will be fitted professionally. Our bays can be made in any of our window styles, fully draft sealed and double-glazed.

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High Quality Timbers

At Leicester City Joinery our highly skilled tradesmen work with the finest timbers and materials available, take a look at the timbers we use by checking out our materials page...

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"I contacted LCJ to build me a custom fitted wardrobe. I had my own design, other furniture makers wouldn't help.
LCJ were more than happy to, they were professional, friendly and actually improved on my design with their own ideas, I highly recommend their expert service."
Matt Castledine, Leicester

Product Type: Large bespoke fitted wardrobe.